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I got drunk one night in Maine and apparently I was talking a lot. I was actually asleep by 8 pm though. My husbands family (esp. my mother in law, who I do love very much and get along with very well) talked about it for pretty much the last few days I was there. As if it weren’t embarrassing enough, they added that they were all SO happy when I went to sleep.

I know the best thing you can do is laugh at yourself. And I’m usually so good at this. And during the time they were making fun of me, that’s exactly how I was reacting, laughing and covering my face from the embarrassment. But I guess I’d just never do that to someone… I don’t like feeling annoying, or being told I’m annoying. More so when I’m on vacation, doing everything everyone asks of me, and having drinks while enjoying myself. I guess it just made me feel a bit self conscious.



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Stress eating fruits. Wtf.

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